Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rimmel lasting perfection foundation & concealer

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Best drugstore foundation ! The rimmel lasting perfection foundation is an amazing full converge foundation that is only £7.99! ( In savers a uk discounted beauty shop they usually have it on offer for £5!!) The concealer  that goes with it only £5.49 also full coverage.

Image result for beauty blenderI have been using this foundation for around 3 years now, It gives you a good coverage but dewy looking skin still I love using it with a beauty blender, I use the shade 303. The only thing I don't like about this foundation is they don't have any dark yellow toned foundation so it Is hard to match my fake tan with it sometimes hopefully they will bring out more shades soon!

This foundation is so similar to mac studio fix in my opinion and is obviously much cheaper and easy to get hold of ! It says it has a comfort serum in it and it defiantly feels like that it doesn't feel like you have a full converge foundation on at all!

The concealer is so good for getting rid of veins on they eyes I always use it to prime my eye lids before putting eye shadow on its so good and because it is in a pot its good for using with a brush to outline my brows! Again the same as the foundation no yellow tones !

(From left to right)
Concealer in shade 030, Fondaion in shade 100, 201, 303.
                                                              GO BUY AND TRY :)
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  1. I use this every day as well and it's great! You don't have to plaster it on to get good coverage either!