Sunday, 10 January 2016

Collection speedy highlighter

Collection speedy highlighter - £3.99 (boots)
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I got this product about 3 days ago and im so in love with it !!

Its such an easy product to use it blends beautifully this is a great dupe for all the more expensive highlighting sticks that are coming out now but there is no need to spend loads of money when this one is just as good for only £3.99! You can defiantly build up the highlighter to make it as intense as you want it or use it for a base for powder highlighter defiantly worth trying!!


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Revolution ultra contour kit

Revolution ultra contour kit - £8.00 (superdrug)
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This is the revolution ultra contour kit a dupe for the Anastasia contour kit. I have been using this palette for about 2 weeks now and iv had time to try it out, the first shade (top left) is just a normal matte pink toned powder what is really good I use this all over my face to matte it and its actually quite good! The next shade across from that is a yellow toned matte powder I use this to set my under eyes it does set them but it does not brighten them at all its just the same effect as the normal powder so I wont be using that anymore.
The next shade is a pink toned highlighter this is a really nice highlighter its pretty identical to the highlighter in the sleek contour kit. I have used this a few times its really pretty shade but its very hard to blend I normally have to go back over it with my powder brush to try blend it more. The next shade is another highlighter this Is a white/gold toned highlighter that is quite glittery I used this on my cheeks the first time I used the powder and it made me look like a glitter ball! I only use this for a under brow bone highlighter but even that is quite intensive. The shade underneath that one is a beautiful bronzed highlighter again a beautiful highlighter but its a pain to blend!!
The last 3 shades are all matte bronzer im not to much of a fan off these as you can see in swatches they are not that pigmented I normally have to re apply it about 3 times and after it all it doesn't even last that long and made my fore head look muddy!
For the price this palette is its good I like the powder and the highlighter even though there not great to blend out but for 8 pound its not bad!