Sunday, 30 August 2015

Revolution blushes ...

These are the revolution blushes that you can buy from Superdrug for 1 pound!, I have previously done a blog post on a eyeshadow palette from them witch I love and after using it I decided to buy some blushes to test out, I love them Im not the biggest blush fan in the world but these are really nice and really pigmented and amazing for just a pound!

-This is in the shade Love and I do LOVE it , out of the 3 this is my best blush as I prefer a more bronze looking blush than a pink toned one I use this almost everyday its my go to blush for that bronzed look on my checks that I love and compliments my skin tone well to as I fake tan my face and it looks really nice with the colour of my tan.
-This is in the shade sugar its probably my least favourite out of the 3 as you can probably tell from the photo its not been used as much as the other two its very pigmented you only need a tiny bit as it blends out nicely to. This is a bit to bold for my liking and doesn't suit me so well as the other two do but I tried on my friend who has quite pale skin and it looked lovely one her so if you have pale skin maybe give it  go just don't use to much!  

-The last one is in the shade Now! Its quite pinked toned but has a lot of gold undertone simmer in it , that's what made me buy this one because it looked so pretty! I will only occasionally go for a pink toned blush but when I do its always this one! I tend to use it when I go on nights out as it looks nice when the lights hit and it pictures looks pretty and has a nice shimmer and glow to the checks.

There's about another 5 blushes in this range and can only be purchased at Superdrug for only a pound , there brilliant creamy, pigmented and have a great colour range defiantly worth a try.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Primark lipstick

So this is a primark lipstick that I picked up earlier this week I only picked up one just to test but I think I will be going back for more!

This one is in the shade whisper its a nude/taupe colour its 1:50 most of the lipsticks in there are a pound but this one is a matte long lasting lipstick so you pay more.

I love the colour of this lipstick I love nudes but this just gives a hint of colour to make the lips pop more, the packaging is quite sleek to and the writing has not seemed to rub off at all.

 I put this lipstick on in the morning went to work and did a 4 hour shift looked in the mirror and it was still on! The colour had faded slightly but you could defiantly tell I was still wearing lipstick I was in general shock.

When putting it on it feels creamy and feels like an expensive lipstick I was so happy with it and I found a perfect lip liner to go with it that's from essence in the shade satin mauve and its a pound a great combo for £2:50!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Savers £1 baked eyeshadows!


These are the savers 1 pound baked eye shadows !
For those off you that are not familiar with savers they are a discounted heath and beauty store and are dotted about over the UK. They have most hair, body and beauty brands and its all much cheaper than boots and Superdrug and they do great deals.
They have there own makeup products and I have never felt that they would be any good as its so cheap but I had a look and I saw the baked eye shadows they had about 6 different ones I ended up picking up shades 5 and 7 that are natural colours .
When you first swatch there the pigmentation that comes off is amazing but it does not transfer that well needs a few layers to build it up , when using brushes to apply it does not go on so well on the brush and eyes, its better to apply with fingers and build up the colour ones its built up it does look amazing so pretty , I also use them as highlighters what I do use a brush for as I don't want it so intense for a pound they are pretty good !

-This is shade 5 its the lighter one out of the two I
have its lovely champagne colour I feel this one has a bit more pigmentation compared to the other one but I love this one as a highlighter on my check bones , in the swatch it has 2 layers on its not very intense but its enough for a highlight .

-This is shade 7 its a gold toned eye shadow and I use this all over my lids it lasts quite well just takes a while to apply but is defiantly worth it , looks lovely with brown eyes and tanned skin and can be used as a highlighter nice golden summer look.

Shade 5                                        Shade 7

Monday, 24 August 2015

Best face wash ever!

Simple kind to skin moisturising facial wash - £3.39 150ml (boots)
This is hands down the best face wash I have ever tried it takes my makeup off in seconds!
I was always in the facial wipes I always used the simple ones but one day I got a mini facial wash with the wipes and after a while of just leaving it at the bottom off my draw I decided to give it a go, I thought that facial wipes were the quickest and easiest way to get of your makeup.
I wetted my face and then applied this and gave it a good scrub over my whole face even over my eye makeup and then washed it off with water I went to look in the mirror expecting there to be mascara all under my eyes but there was nothing not a scrap off makeup and it took me about 30 seconds I was in shock and now I use it every night its amazing!
You can get them in all drug stores most off the time simple have offers on there products so you can get it half price of buy one get one free.
Honestly give it a try and if you don't love it as much as me you haven't wasted aload of money or even try the mini travel size as a tester .