Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Rimmel lasting perfection foundation & concealer

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Best drugstore foundation ! The rimmel lasting perfection foundation is an amazing full converge foundation that is only £7.99! ( In savers a uk discounted beauty shop they usually have it on offer for £5!!) The concealer  that goes with it only £5.49 also full coverage.

Image result for beauty blenderI have been using this foundation for around 3 years now, It gives you a good coverage but dewy looking skin still I love using it with a beauty blender, I use the shade 303. The only thing I don't like about this foundation is they don't have any dark yellow toned foundation so it Is hard to match my fake tan with it sometimes hopefully they will bring out more shades soon!

This foundation is so similar to mac studio fix in my opinion and is obviously much cheaper and easy to get hold of ! It says it has a comfort serum in it and it defiantly feels like that it doesn't feel like you have a full converge foundation on at all!

The concealer is so good for getting rid of veins on they eyes I always use it to prime my eye lids before putting eye shadow on its so good and because it is in a pot its good for using with a brush to outline my brows! Again the same as the foundation no yellow tones !

(From left to right)
Concealer in shade 030, Fondaion in shade 100, 201, 303.
                                                              GO BUY AND TRY :)
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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Diffrence beetween NC and NW at mac

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So I thought I would make a quick post to let you know the difference with macs NC and NW foundations if you are no aware...

So mac shades always start with either NC or NW. NC is yellow toned foundation's typically more tanned people are normally more yellow toned or if you wear fake tan yellow toned foundation's normally match the tan better. There for NW is for more pink toned skin and a lot of pale people tend to be pink toned.

Also with urban decay there .5 shades are for pink toned foundation's and there .0 shades are yellow toned shades.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Botanics hydrating night cream

Image result for botanic night crem all brightThe WORST night cream I have ever used!

I recently brought this product the other week when I wanted to look for a new night cream and I got the micellar cleansing water by them and I love It so I had high hopes for the cream...

So after I took all my makeup off and was going to head to bed I put the cream on and at first it felt so night and definally hydrating and then I would say with in 10 minitues my face felt stiff and dry and I had to get out of bed to take it off and apply a different moisturiser because my skin felt so stiff! This is defiantly not a hydrating product and was not nice as a night cream either. 

I still love the Nivea cream its about 3 pound for a massive tub cheap and amazing try it out !

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Collection glam crystals gel liner

The best glitter liners EVER !

Collection are normally talked about for there concealer but I love there gel liners and they deserve more of a hype. If you struggle with putting glitter on with glitter glue etc... these are a much easier product to use. They have a large range of colours I use them either to do a double wing with my eyeliner of I will use it all over my lid and just leave it to try and it also looks pretty in the inner corner, the brush on this is so good not to small or big and picks up lots of product.

If you love glitter on the eyes you need to check these out they are such a dupe for the urban decay glitter liner but only costing £2.99!
Here are some swatches of some of my favourite glitter liners so glittery!

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Nivea gentle face wipes

Image result for nivea face wipes  I love a good face wipe there so handy for nights when you just want to get your makeup off quick!

I was so disappointed when using these wipes , I picked them up because they said they was for dry and sensitive skin and that's what I normally always look for and most wipes are just for all skin types so I thought these would be good as they are pacifically for my skin.

I found them quite hard to get all my face makeup off and had to scrub quite hard with my brows! After it took all my makeup off, my skin was so wet I normally use a makeup wipe and put my serum or moisturiser on, but I had to go get a towel and to get rid of all the wetness left on my face I know there only a drugstore brand but there is much better ones on the market ! If you want good drugstore wipes go for the simples ones !

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Yankee candles...

It may seem the only thing I love is beauty but I also LOVE candles especially Yankee candles. I have quite a few the picture above are all my favourite ones (fresh cut roses, summer scoop, Bermuda beach, soft cotton, mango peach salsa, pink grapefruit, pain au raisin , sugared apple, sea butter). I also have many of them in the bigger version, and the Christmas limited edition ones all in the big size because they smell amazing and Christmas is my favourite time of year so I always have to treat my self to a few of them.
In the uk the best place to buy them from is Clinton cards they have loads of them. Yankee candle do have there own shop but they are very hard to find I see more pop up nearer the Christmas time so keep an eye out!!
Yankees are quite expensive the small ones in the photo are around £1.90 witch is not to bad and I do like burning these from time to time they don't give as much of a smell when burning like the big ones do but they are around the 20 pound mark they do have a long burning time tho .
Let me know what your favourite candles are ;)
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