Thursday, 28 July 2016

Maybelline - The nudes palette

Maybelline have recently brought out two new eye shadow  palettes one being called the nudes and the other called Blushed nudes palette. I much preferred the nude palette because  the blushed nudes had to many pink and purple shades in it and I don't tend to ever lean to them shades on me.

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This palette has some beautiful shades in and all off them are soft and creamy and blend out beautifully, you can create a whole eye shadow look with this palette so its great for using when traveling instead of taking loads of single eye shadows with you. It has a mixture of mattes and shimmer colours in it and two pretty highlighting shades for under the brow bone.

This is one of the best drug store eye palettes out there in my opinion and is only £9.99 !
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Monday, 25 July 2016

Mac eyeshadow must haves!

I love mac eye shadows, these are my 5 favourite ones...


Rule is a true strong orange colour I love this shade for a transition colour it makes other eye shadows blend beautifully and looks great on olive skin tones.


Texture is a  darker orange brown shade I love this to darken up my crease If rule is to bright for the look I am going for this eye shadow would suit a paler skin tone as a transition colour rather than rule.

Rice paper

Rice paper is one of my oldest favourites and one of my first mac eye shadows I love this shade as a base colour It just gives a lovely sheen to the eye nothing to heavy I love this shade for under my brow bone too its just a subtle but stunning shade.

Swish chocolate

Swish chocolate is a grey toned brown its blends beautifully for a natural smoked eye and is great for creating a smoked out eyeliner look.


My last one is mythology its a beautiful copper shade I love copper eyes and this is the best one I have found, it looks stunning just put all over the lid I always spray my brush with makeup setting spray and then pick up the product just so it looks even more sparkly.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Simple cleansing facial wipes

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These are my best makeup wipes I have ever tried and would never try anything different I have very sensitive skin and these are the only wipes that does not irritate my skin!

It says it removes waterproof mascara what is always a bonus, it has multi-vitamins in them, No alcohol, oil and no artificial perfume or harsh chemicals in them.

They make my skin feel so clean and fresh once I have used them I tend to use one every night sometimes after using my face wash or just using them on there own are brilliant to. With some makeup wipes I tried they left my skin feeling tight and sore and left my skin feeling really wet for a long time so I couldn't move on to do my skin care routine an till it had dried, but with these I apply my skin care seconds after using them and it all works wonderful together.
Defiantly worth trying!! They really are simple :)