Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Urban decay all nighter foundation

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Image result for urban decay foundation all nighterYAY! They have finally made it! I love urban decay as a brand and one of my favourite products is there all nighter setting spray its amazing for yours that have not tried it. I also love there naked foundation but I wanted something with more coverage so this is a very clever idea for a product!
I just got my foundation about 2 weeks ago so I have fully tested it all out, I am in the shade 7.0 I was 6.0 in the naked skin but she matched me to a shade darker and said I have done with most people. the .5 shades are for pink toned skin and the .0 are for more yellow toned skin of if you have fake tan I would go for a .0 shade matches a tan better.
Image result for ebay foundation brushI have been applying mine with the foundation brush I talked about in my ebay finds post. Its amazing and so cheap! Works really well with the foundation.  The finish of this foundation is quite matte, I even put mac storbing cream on underneath and It still was just as matte. It is defiantly FULL coverage but I love that look , everything applies on top of it beautifully. It does dry quite quickly so you have to work quite quick with it.
You can buy this product in uk in Debenhams for £27 pound quite pricey but worth it or pop it on your Christmas list!

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  1. weirdly I've never tried anything from UD, i really need to haha! xx

  2. I'm quite yellow tones so I would probably choose a .0 shade.
    Aleeha xXX