Thursday, 22 October 2015

Rimmel apocalips

Lip lacquer seem to be very popular at the moment, so I decided to buy two from rimmel one is a nude shade in the colour nude eclipse and the other is in the shade celestial.
They are amazing im not the biggest fan of the colours but they have amazing formulas they are so pigmented and you only need one layer over your lips for it to look amazing, they feel so creamy on the lips and I am definably going to be buying some more!!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Makeup shopping

So today I went shopping and had a bit of a makeup splurge...
I got 2 items from the new look makeup range because I haven't tried any off there products yet I got a eye shadow in the shade biscuit and a pressed powder in shade honey but im going to be using it as a bronzer.
Then I got a glitter nail varnish from loreal I love this to but over my acrylic nails when I get a bit bored of a plain colour on them and this is by far the best glitter nail varnish I have tried.
I decided to try a bb cream I went with a rimmel one as I love there foundations and primers!
Obviously I had to buy a foundation as its one of my best things in makeup so I decided to go for the urban decay naked foundation it has the prettiest bottle and I cant wait to give it a go!
I have never tried a gel eye liner and whilst waiting in the long ques in Primark they had some gel eyeliners at the side so I put one in my basket to set what it is like im not expecting much from a Primark product but you never know.
My last thing is the mac compact where you can make your own palette up I only got the palette in the end as the 2 eye shadows I had picked up were both out of stock so I thought I would try again another day but for the mean time I will be de potting my other mac eye shadows.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

MUA £1 Lipsticks!

I have a very small collection of the mua lipsticks as i have a mixed opinion on them, you can purchase them from Superdrug  for a pound I only have 3 so far 2 very bold reds and a nude colour.
I tend to go for the nude colour more often but I am not a fan of this lipstick it does not apply very well it tends to be quite patchy and will make it look like I have dry lips and it doesn't last very long at all, the only thing I like about it is the colour so I will have to find a better dupe of it.
I then have a dark cherry red colour and a very bright red I use the darker shade more as it goes with my skin tone better, I do actually quite like the reds they are quite pigmented and last for quite a reasonably long time they can tend to make my lips feel a bit dry after a while of being on but for a pound I don't think they are to bad. They do 2 lip liners from the brand that go really well with the lipsticks because you have to apply a lip liner before a lipstick with such a bold colour.
I think I will try out a few more of these lipsticks because some are really good and for a pound I wont be breaking the bank if they are not any good!

Monday, 5 October 2015

September favourites

So I have still been using my loreal infaliable fondation I can't find another fondation that matches my skin so well! I have also been staying faith full to my loreal bronzer I love it for glowing up the skin. Two new products for me have been the Nivea post shaving balm that I use for a primer there are many tutorials on YouTube about this product if you don't believe me that it's an amazing primer this is a mini size one that I knicked of my boyfriend in a mini grooming set he had but you can buy a larger one for around 5 pound! My other product is the Rimmel wake me up liquid highlighter what I have been loving for my check bones!

I have been loving doing a smokey eye this month and I have been loving these eyeshadows for it that are star gazer- champagne Mua- champagne Mac - rice paper and krylon black lose eyeshadow. I finish the look of with the there real push up gel eyeliner what I have recently got and love ! 

I have been sticking to two lip products this month what is the primark lipstick in whisper that I love and did a whole blog post on it and the kiko lip gloss pencil in 10 that is a really different lip product but is really good I will be buying lots more !