Friday, 7 October 2016

Nivea gentle face wipes

Image result for nivea face wipes  I love a good face wipe there so handy for nights when you just want to get your makeup off quick!

I was so disappointed when using these wipes , I picked them up because they said they was for dry and sensitive skin and that's what I normally always look for and most wipes are just for all skin types so I thought these would be good as they are pacifically for my skin.

I found them quite hard to get all my face makeup off and had to scrub quite hard with my brows! After it took all my makeup off, my skin was so wet I normally use a makeup wipe and put my serum or moisturiser on, but I had to go get a towel and to get rid of all the wetness left on my face I know there only a drugstore brand but there is much better ones on the market ! If you want good drugstore wipes go for the simples ones !

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