Friday, 12 August 2016

Pamper nights...

I love pamper night after a long day at work they are just the best, here are some of the things I include in my evening...

♥ Running a deep hot bath with a bath bomb in one of my favourites is sex bomb from lush.
♥ Making a hot drink or I am loving ice cold coffees at the moment the caramel one from McDonald's is delicious !
♥ Taking all my makeup off and putting a thick moisturiser on or before do a face mask I love doing a hydration one.
♥ Washing hair I love the Paul Mitchell smoothing shampoo and conditioner.
♥ Self tanning , I am currently loving bondi sands tanning mouse.
♥ Light a candle even if its only me I still love having a candle burning it just makes the room smell lovely and is relaxing.
♥Paint nails I wear acrylics with gel on my hands but I always like to do my toe nails especially in the summer.
♥ Put a film on, my favourite film is dirty dancing if you haven't seen it you have got to! I also just went to see absolutely fabulous and it was hilarious.
♥ Eyebrows! I do my own eyebrows I love to do them once a week and sometimes tint them just so if I go out with out makeup on they don't look as bad its not hard at all to do them your self you can get dying kits in superdrug and boots.
♥Moisturiser I love to moisturise my whole body after having a bath the body shop body butters are just the best!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The best of cheap makeup!


I love expensive makeup but I don't always have 30 pound to spend on a foundation and 20 on a lipstick, there is some good quality cheap makeup in the drug stores these are some of my favourites that I would say are just as good as high end makeup , hope this is helpful.

♥Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof liner - £3.99

♥Collection illuminating touch concealer - £4.99
Image result for  Concealer Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch

♥MUA nude coloured lip liner - £1

♥Miss sporty liquid eyeliner - £2.79

♥Essence eye shadow champagne colour - £1

♥Essence nude liquid lipstick - £2.50

Image result for collection eyebrow♥Soap and glory eye primer - £4™-Its-About-Prime™-Eyeshadow-Underbase_1243304/

♥Collection eyebrow kit - £3.99

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mua undress me two palette

Undress me two palette - £4!!!
Yes that's correct I haven't just had a typing error this palette is £4 pound from MUA!
This palette has a good selection off matte and shimmer nude toned eye shadows, you can see from my swatches how pigmented they are for so cheap, your getting 12 shades for £4. This palette is a good dupe for the naked 2 palette by urban decay what is £38 pound!
These shades all blend beautifully the only thing I didn't like was the black felt very ruff and was not vey pigmented compared to the other shades when I was swatching them they all felt very soft and creamy where the black was very ruff and not smooth at all, but its not to hard to find a matte black somewhere else.
The shimmer shades in this palette look stunning and so pretty on the lid and there's a champagne coloured one that looks lovely as a brow bone highlight to just finish of that look.
I love this palette for the price its amazing definitely worth trying, if you have this palette let me know if your black eye shadow was ruff compared to the others or it may just be that I have a fault with my palette.
Head to superdrug to pick this palette up :)

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