Friday, 13 November 2015

Thinking of getting acrylic nails...

♥ So I am a big fan off acrylic nails! There seems to be 2 types of opinion on these some people love them and others think they are fake and tacky.
♥ I have been getting acrylic nails on and off for about 5 years. I like to get a full set done and get infill's about 5 times in a row then take them all off to let my real nails breathe and go back to normal as when the acrylics come off your nails underneath are quite flaky and weak where they smooth them down with a file for the acrylic to sit better and that's why some people don't like them because they don't think it is good for your nails.
♥ I personally bite my nails when i don't have acrylics on so they look sore and just not very nice so i have acrylics on so my nails look nice as  i work in a job where people will probably notice my nails all the time.
♥ I think if acrylics was so bad for your nails there would be more warnings about it and they would be banned if they was SO bad for your nails as some people make out.
♥ If you are thinking about getting them done for the first time I would personally go for it and if you don't like them have them soaked off your nails will repair it just takes time.

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