Tuesday, 17 November 2015

L'Oreal infallible 24hour fondation

                A must have foundation !

 ♥So this is the loreal infallible and its my 3rd bottle ! As you can tell I love this foundation its in my top 3 my main reason I love it so much is because of the colour it gives me the best match as I wear fake tan always I need a foundation to match my tan on my neck and most just make me look orange but this just gives me a natural tan to my face.

♥For it being a 24hour I wouldn't agree with that but it does last me about 7 hours I would say maybe longer but its not that bad that I have to re do my whole makeup.

♥The coverage is quite full but can defiantly be built up it gives a lovely base and blends lovely with concealer.

♥Its £9.99 in boots and they always have deals on like 2 products for £15 pounds or 3 for 2 so always look out for that !

♥Overall I love this foundation its a brilliant on from the drugstore if you cant afford the higher end ones , they also have just brought out the infaliable matte foundation I have not yet to try it because I don't normally go for matte foundations but if that's what you like then give that one a go that one is slightly cheaper pricing at £7.99.

♥Thanks for reading give me suggestions on posts you would like to see in the comments :)x

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