Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Date night ideas ♥ ♥ ♥

So this is a very different post for me on my blog, but after me and my partner where thinking of different ideas to go for a date night I thought I would share some ideas with you, as after being in a relationship for a long while you don't want to keep going/doing the same place and things.

So date nights can be quite expensive so I thought I would share a few that I do that are slightly cheaper when you are waiting on that pay day...

♥ Movie night in and order a pizza - So go on Netflix or pick a dvd you both like get the duvet out and order a pizza me and my partner normally do a half and half pizza so we don't have to fight over what pizza to get haha, we use just eat app and there are loads of great places to order from and we normally only spend 10 pound.

♥Cooking each other dinner - When I say each other I mean him cook me dinner as I cant cook woops, but cooking dinner for each other as a surprise is always a nice idea and you can budget it but still have a nice meal, you could do a 3 course meal to make it last longer.

♥Drinks and nibbles - So as I cant cook I  normally do drink and nibbles , we sometimes invite other people over or just us on a Saturday night with good TV. I love doing a cheese board with crisps and wedges and dips ! easy peasy.

♥Walks - So one for the summer really but I love going down to the seafront for a walk along the sea wall and getting a ice cream or a hot doughnut.

So as much as I love staying it and saving some money I love getting ready to go out for a evening ...

♥Dinner - So the typical date night is dinner but trying out new places can always make it different.

♥Cinema - So going to the cinema to see a new film you both love can be fun and can be a change for just watching films at home and cinema pop corn is the best!

♥Bowling  - I LOVE going bowling me and my partner are always in competition and going bowling always ends in laughs, there is always normally arcades in the bowling places so I always love going there after and playing air hockey and on the 2p machines.

♥Clubbing - So if you are still into clubbing its a great night out, I love getting done up for it its just a great way to have fun.

♥Concerts - Iv always love concerts it can be very expensive for tickets and travel but it is one of my best nights out and it you both have artist you both like it can be such a great night!!

I hope you find this helpful if you have any other ideas or things you do please do let me know.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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