Monday, 5 October 2015

September favourites

So I have still been using my loreal infaliable fondation I can't find another fondation that matches my skin so well! I have also been staying faith full to my loreal bronzer I love it for glowing up the skin. Two new products for me have been the Nivea post shaving balm that I use for a primer there are many tutorials on YouTube about this product if you don't believe me that it's an amazing primer this is a mini size one that I knicked of my boyfriend in a mini grooming set he had but you can buy a larger one for around 5 pound! My other product is the Rimmel wake me up liquid highlighter what I have been loving for my check bones!

I have been loving doing a smokey eye this month and I have been loving these eyeshadows for it that are star gazer- champagne Mua- champagne Mac - rice paper and krylon black lose eyeshadow. I finish the look of with the there real push up gel eyeliner what I have recently got and love ! 

I have been sticking to two lip products this month what is the primark lipstick in whisper that I love and did a whole blog post on it and the kiko lip gloss pencil in 10 that is a really different lip product but is really good I will be buying lots more !


  1. I need to try the Nivea aftershave lotion for a primer. I have heard this a few times now

    Lauren x |

  2. I've been looking to try the Nivea aftershave lotion for a while and now will definitely try it! Great post!

    Megan - X