Thursday, 8 October 2015

MUA £1 Lipsticks!

I have a very small collection of the mua lipsticks as i have a mixed opinion on them, you can purchase them from Superdrug  for a pound I only have 3 so far 2 very bold reds and a nude colour.
I tend to go for the nude colour more often but I am not a fan of this lipstick it does not apply very well it tends to be quite patchy and will make it look like I have dry lips and it doesn't last very long at all, the only thing I like about it is the colour so I will have to find a better dupe of it.
I then have a dark cherry red colour and a very bright red I use the darker shade more as it goes with my skin tone better, I do actually quite like the reds they are quite pigmented and last for quite a reasonably long time they can tend to make my lips feel a bit dry after a while of being on but for a pound I don't think they are to bad. They do 2 lip liners from the brand that go really well with the lipsticks because you have to apply a lip liner before a lipstick with such a bold colour.
I think I will try out a few more of these lipsticks because some are really good and for a pound I wont be breaking the bank if they are not any good!


  1. I have never tried these before. For a pound, I may as well give them a go and if I am not keen it isn't as though I have broke the bank. I will try the nude colour

    Lauren x |

    1. Yes give them a go I am going to try out some other of there nude colours x