Sunday, 11 October 2015

Makeup shopping

So today I went shopping and had a bit of a makeup splurge...
I got 2 items from the new look makeup range because I haven't tried any off there products yet I got a eye shadow in the shade biscuit and a pressed powder in shade honey but im going to be using it as a bronzer.
Then I got a glitter nail varnish from loreal I love this to but over my acrylic nails when I get a bit bored of a plain colour on them and this is by far the best glitter nail varnish I have tried.
I decided to try a bb cream I went with a rimmel one as I love there foundations and primers!
Obviously I had to buy a foundation as its one of my best things in makeup so I decided to go for the urban decay naked foundation it has the prettiest bottle and I cant wait to give it a go!
I have never tried a gel eye liner and whilst waiting in the long ques in Primark they had some gel eyeliners at the side so I put one in my basket to set what it is like im not expecting much from a Primark product but you never know.
My last thing is the mac compact where you can make your own palette up I only got the palette in the end as the 2 eye shadows I had picked up were both out of stock so I thought I would try again another day but for the mean time I will be de potting my other mac eye shadows.


  1. I love glittery nail varnishes, I love the one you have purchased

    Lauren x |

  2. I'm not a huge makeup wearer but I love splurging on some great products!
    The Rad Wife