Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mac face wipes !!

 16 pound face wipes???

So the other day I was in mac and was swatching a load of lipsticks and there was lipstick all up my arms (every girl will understand). One of the girls in there saw  and gave me some makeup wipes I took them off and then after I left my hand was so soft I was like what ?? Must have been them mac wipes so I had to get a pack and give them a go.

So I paid 16 pound for a pack of face wipes (45) instead of my normal 3 pound simples ones! I just got them to try because I never really here much about them so thought I would test and review them.

There is 45 wipes in a pack witch is quite a lot for a pack of makeup wipes most of them normally have around 25 in.

They are defiantly the softest makeup wipes I have ever tried it feels like its left a moisturiser/serum left on your skin, and it takes off you makeup so easy.

They are amazing makeup wipes but I don't think I would buy them again purely for the fact they are so expensive but maybe if I was treating my self, Haha.
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