Friday, 12 August 2016

Pamper nights...

I love pamper night after a long day at work they are just the best, here are some of the things I include in my evening...

♥ Running a deep hot bath with a bath bomb in one of my favourites is sex bomb from lush.
♥ Making a hot drink or I am loving ice cold coffees at the moment the caramel one from McDonald's is delicious !
♥ Taking all my makeup off and putting a thick moisturiser on or before do a face mask I love doing a hydration one.
♥ Washing hair I love the Paul Mitchell smoothing shampoo and conditioner.
♥ Self tanning , I am currently loving bondi sands tanning mouse.
♥ Light a candle even if its only me I still love having a candle burning it just makes the room smell lovely and is relaxing.
♥Paint nails I wear acrylics with gel on my hands but I always like to do my toe nails especially in the summer.
♥ Put a film on, my favourite film is dirty dancing if you haven't seen it you have got to! I also just went to see absolutely fabulous and it was hilarious.
♥ Eyebrows! I do my own eyebrows I love to do them once a week and sometimes tint them just so if I go out with out makeup on they don't look as bad its not hard at all to do them your self you can get dying kits in superdrug and boots.
♥Moisturiser I love to moisturise my whole body after having a bath the body shop body butters are just the best!

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