Sunday, 7 August 2016

The best of cheap makeup!


I love expensive makeup but I don't always have 30 pound to spend on a foundation and 20 on a lipstick, there is some good quality cheap makeup in the drug stores these are some of my favourites that I would say are just as good as high end makeup , hope this is helpful.

♥Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof liner - £3.99

♥Collection illuminating touch concealer - £4.99
Image result for  Concealer Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch

♥MUA nude coloured lip liner - £1

♥Miss sporty liquid eyeliner - £2.79

♥Essence eye shadow champagne colour - £1

♥Essence nude liquid lipstick - £2.50

Image result for collection eyebrow♥Soap and glory eye primer - £4™-Its-About-Prime™-Eyeshadow-Underbase_1243304/

♥Collection eyebrow kit - £3.99

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