Wednesday, 21 September 2016

eBay beauty finds!

I have recently had a eBay shop and came across some gems , so I thought I would share them with you ...

Image result for 10pcs Kabuki Style Professional Make up Brush Set Foundation Blusher Face PowderThis a 10 piece makeup brush kit, it has a range of bigger brushes you could use for foundation and for setting under the eyes and buffing makeup in and then 5 smaller brushes I use for blending my eye shadows or even for blending concealer in. None of the hairs fall out of these brushes and work lovely with makeup all for £3.99.

There are many sellers on eBay sealing this product so make sure you are getting the most out of your money.

Image result for Pro Face Makeup Brush Powder Brush Blush Brushes Foundation Cosmetic Brush Tool

I love this brush I use if for applying my foundation when I want a good coverage on my face its very well made and I find it really easy to clean it, I will normally go in with a blending brush after using this just to make sure its all blended in well , great value for money!
Image result for Make up Brush Cleaner Scrubber Cosmetic Cleaning Accessories Hand Tool Glove
This tool is a must have when it comes to cleaning your brushes and with all these new cleaning gloves coming out at the moment this is a much cheaper version I have been using this every day since it came it makes cleaning your brushes so easy. It has a hole in the middle what allows you to put your fingers so you can really get a good scrub off your brushes !

I got these glitters off eBay they have a massive range of shades and I use either the two faced glitter glue or an eyelash glue works just as good. On eBay they have loads of deals when you buy 3 get 3 free for example and are normally priced around a pound so for 6 glitters is 3 pounds !!! They look amazing on eyes and would be good for the festival times.

Image result for acrylic lipstick organizer
Ebay Is the best place for buying acrylic storage. I love the lipstick holders there so good and so worth the money and can see you lipsticks much easier.

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  1. Love your finds. I bought mine acrylics from Ebay as well and of course this tool for brushes is definitely a must, makes cleaning the brushes so much easier :)

    Have a lovely day dear! :)