Sunday, 13 September 2015

Mua £1 eye shadows

So in my eye shadow collection I have these mua eye shadows that are only a POUND!

If you are looking for some amazing pigmented eye shadows give these a go! These 4 are my favourites they are very creamy, pigmented and easy to blend with and I use 2 of them as highlighters.

 They are great for only a pound the only down side is they don't have amazing staying power but they would last for an evening out or with a good eye primer underneath they would last threw the day but the colour just tends to fade a bit.

I use the shades champagne and shade 2 pearl as hightlighters also for under the brow bone and on my cheek bones it looks lovely.

The shade 9 pearl is a beautiful colour it is a vibrant purple but with blue undertones I love it! It is a hard colour to work on people with as its so vibrant but I just needed it in my collection because its so pretty!

My last one is shade 20 matt a really pigmented pure black colour what I love to smoke out under my eyes !


  1. Beautiful colors :) Great review too.

    Cylia -

  2. I love MUA eye shadows, they great value for money :) These colours are beautiful.