Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Morning skin care routine

So I start my morning skin care with my simple facial wash I did a whole blog post before on this product so check that out if you want to know about this product, ( )  I use this just to remove any dirt from my face.

I then go on to use the simple facial toner again to remove any dirt and just make my face feel fresh I love this toner and keeps my skin smooth !

After I use the trilogy sensitive skin moisturiser its a very expensive product but defiantly worth it! My skin feels smooth and hydrated after using this and creates a lovely base for my makeup a good moisturiser before applying makeup always makes a big difference.

I am moistly always tired in the morning my eyes always feel heavy so a good eye cream is always in need for me. I use the balance me wonder eye cream and I have been using it for quite some time now they have new packaging now though. £20 pound may be a bit to much for a eye cream but I could not live with out this product now. It just makes me feel so awake in seconds and no puffiness. you have to try this product to believe me when I say how amazing it is!

The last thing I will do before I put all my makeup on is moisturise my lips ready for lip stick. I have been using the body shop lip oil roll on. Its not like a normal balm for your lips its an oil and it has a mint sent/flavour to it, it makes me feel fresh and makes my lips smooth so my lipstick goes on nicely. Its just something different than the normal lip balm.

Tell me what products you use in the morning to make you feel awake and ready for the day :)

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  1. Great skincare products! I love the brand Simple <3