Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Thinking of getting sun beds???

This time last year I had never gone near a sun bed because of the pure fact of what they can do to your skin. I love being tanned I always have fake tan on but last September I went on holiday to spain my first time going abroad so obviously I was going to be going to the pool and beach in my bikini. I knew I wanted to look tanned but the thing with fake tan after about 5 days it can start to go patchy dis coloured and flaky I was going away for 8 days so I didn't want my tan on my last few days to look gross! So I decided I would get sunbeds because I wouldn't feel confident being pale (not that I think being pale is horrible I love the look of pure clean pale skin on people but not on myself I have dark hair and dark eyes so it washes me out to much).

Image result for stand up tanning boothsSo last July I went for my first sunbed! The first time I went there I brought a tanning mist to protect my skin ( radical tanning spray)but to also moisturise it because it doesn't work as well if you have dried skin. I decided to go on the stand up tanning machines as I felt more comfortable doing that at the time I didn't like the idea at the start of having to lay down and pull a machine over me. So there I was standing and the lights all came on when I did standing ones I did it for at first 5 minutes I lifted my arms up after a few minutes so it could tan under my arms and the other sides. I did them for about 3 weeks only 5 minutes a week. one because its expensive and two because I didn't really like doing them because I didn't want to damage my skin. I did get a tan line after them first few weeks but I was still putting fake tan on over the top.(Btw putting fake tan on does not make it harder to get a tan because it has not uv protection in it).
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After them few weeks I thought I would been more tanned so I asked the lady and she said she prefers the lay down ones so I tried them and they defiantly made me tanner quicker I always use them now and when I started doing lay down I did them for 8 minutes a week. I defiantly did get a tan but I wasn't dark dark it was more like a bronze colour It tanned my belly really well but the bottoms of my legs were still white as a sheet!! I was so annoyed I paid out over 100 pound and I wasn't to happy as I hate my legs and wanted them to be dark.
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I only did them up to my holiday so just under 3 months I don't know if I had stayed on longer my legs would had tanned more but I was really shocked at how bad they was tbh all I can say was it gave me a bronzed look and tanned my belly well. I suppose I did make me a tad more confident but I still would had been slapping on the tan if I wasn't going away.

Im going on holiday again this year and June and I am going to get them again but I am going to try different tanning products and see what happens! I would never get them if I wasn't going away I always stick to fake tan as its better for the skin.

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