Wednesday, 18 January 2017


So Maybelline have brought out a new eye shadow palette again I love there first 2 palettes ( ) so I had to give this one a go to!
Once again they have made an amazing palettes great colours, pigments, great packaging. This palate has more smokey toned colours the other 2 they brought out were deifanly shades to create a more natural golden/bronzed look.
This palette is £9.99 (boots price). So that's 12 shades for 10 pound! I did have high hopes for this palette are the other 2 are such good quality and once again this one is also amazing the shades are soooooo pigmented for a drugstore palette It is unreal and also so creamy and smooth and blend out beautifully. I love the lilac shade the most in this palette the 3rd shade along at top it is super pretty I have never used a lilac shadow on my self before but now I have been wearing it all week! I also love the other purple shades in the palette and the blue is such a unique shade.
The one thing this palette does not have is any transition shades so if you are traveling you couldn't just take this one palette you would need to take a few more if I am staying over someone where for few days I would take the palette and take macs rule, texture and swish chocolate to help everything blend out perfectly.
All in all this is another amazing quality palette from Maybelline so worth the money!
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