Wednesday, 11 January 2017

St morirz fake tan moouse review...

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My favourite fake tan ever with out even breaking the bank!
Some fake tans can be so expensive and  not always the ones that cost more are the better ones, I recently tried a vita liberate fake tan and it hardly gave me any colour I had to re apply it 3 times to get a decent tan!!

With the st moriz tan though I only need 1 coat to get a nice summer tan I will normally apply it twice anyways just because I like to be super tanned. It gives such a good colour not orange just a nice brown literally like iv been to Spain for 2 weeks its a holy grail product off mine the more different tans I use I realise how good this one actually is!

The only one problem I have with this product is when trying to scrub it off its so hard to get of my arms everywhere else normally I can scrub off in a day but  for some reason on my arms it can take me up to 5 days to get clean skin again. So I try to avoid applying it on my arms only when I know I am going out and want my arms on show or I will apply bondi sands moose on my arms because that comes of better but I have to apply loads to get it to a good deep shade.

I still cant believe how cheap this product is I buy mine from savers beauty store for £2.99 boots also sell it but for around £5 witch is still cheap!

Its a must try fake tan if you haven't yet defiantly worth it and you cant go wrong for the price, let me know if you have any cheap tans that you love.

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