Monday, 25 July 2016

Mac eyeshadow must haves!

I love mac eye shadows, these are my 5 favourite ones...


Rule is a true strong orange colour I love this shade for a transition colour it makes other eye shadows blend beautifully and looks great on olive skin tones.


Texture is a  darker orange brown shade I love this to darken up my crease If rule is to bright for the look I am going for this eye shadow would suit a paler skin tone as a transition colour rather than rule.

Rice paper

Rice paper is one of my oldest favourites and one of my first mac eye shadows I love this shade as a base colour It just gives a lovely sheen to the eye nothing to heavy I love this shade for under my brow bone too its just a subtle but stunning shade.

Swish chocolate

Swish chocolate is a grey toned brown its blends beautifully for a natural smoked eye and is great for creating a smoked out eyeliner look.


My last one is mythology its a beautiful copper shade I love copper eyes and this is the best one I have found, it looks stunning just put all over the lid I always spray my brush with makeup setting spray and then pick up the product just so it looks even more sparkly.


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