Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Naked 3 dupe!

Naked 3 palette by urban decay - £38.00


Iconic 3 palette by revolution - £4.00
The price difference is just insane this revolution palette has only been released for a few months as a new brand that you can find in superdrug, all there makeup is super cheap.
The eye shadows in this palette are very pigmented and have a long staying power, there is some great colours in there that are almost identical to the urban decay palette.
I would only say the bad thing about this palette compared to the urban decay is the packaging is not as nice the revolutions is very plain and plastic where they urban decay is a lot prettier but for the money you save I don't think you can complain to much.
I love this palette and its become one of my favourites and I reach for it a lot its defiantly one to give a go, the whole brand is very good I also love there blushes what I spoke about in my night time makeup post , go check it out in superdrug :)
Have a good day :)x


  1. This is amazing, I've always wanted the Urban Decay Palette but have never been able to afford it. I love the look of the Revolution Palette, I'll definitely have to check it out! Do you like using it? xox

    1. Its amazing , the pigmentation is just as good as the urban decay one, I always use a primer underneath it to and it lasts really well! you will have to try it out ! x x