Thursday, 9 July 2015

My night time makeup

So this is a over view of what makeup I would use on a night out :

Primer : I use the gosh classic primer , this stuff is great it keeps my makeup on all night it is silicone based witch I prefer and it's from the drug store! £12.99

Foundation : I have been using the loreal infalible recently and I have been loving it , it's very full coverage what I like and works really well with the gosh primer. £9.99
Concealer : I have been using the mac pro long wear concealer in a shade lighter that my foundation to highlight my under eyes its a good coverage concealer and blends nicely into your foundation. £17.50
Powder : I use the rimmel stay matte pressed powder to set all my base, I does a lovely job of keeping everything in place and does not make your skin look cakey. £3.99
Bronzer / contour : I use the loreal glam bronze in the shade 06 , I use this to bronze up my face and also use it to contour my cheeks it also comes with a handy contouring brush. £7.99
Blush: I recently picked up this revolutions blush for super cheap and its brilliant its in the shade now!, it gives such a nice colour to my skin and lasts its amazing! £1!!!!
Highlighter : I actually use a highlighter from a Paris brand called peggy sage in the shade peach, I got hold of this at a makeup event but you could always have it posaged over or look on ebay or amazon to see if there is any new ones on there it is defiantly worth it , such a beautiful highlighter  I paid around £8 pound for mine.
Eyebrows : I use the elf eyebrow kit, but unfortunately the uk website has been shut down but again im sure you can have it posaged over and there is loads of sellers on ebay for this product , you get a wax and a powder, for me I have gone off of wax now I prefer eyebrows but on a night out I will use this as it keeps my brow in place.  £6
Eyeshadow : On this night I used the urban decay roller palette what has 4 great shades in it on this night I used the 3 natural colours in the shades verve, suspect and darkhorse, I don't feel the need to use a primer with these eyeshadows as they last well just on there on there own. You can buy this palette on ebay or amazon for around £15.
Eyeliner : I use the collection extreme felt tip eyeliner , I find this so easy to use but it does not seem to last to long but I kind of just use it for a base for my false eyelashes to sit on.£2.99
Mascara : I use one from kryolan it lasts forever! and it so easy to get off I love it! £11.50
Eyelashes : These eyelashes are actually from primark  and there brilliant there in the style sultry, they have a thin band on them what makes them last longer there great and only a £1!!
Lipstick : To finish the look all off I use the seventeen stay pout lipstick in just a flight its a lovely brown nude colour it doesn't have an amazing lasting powder but what lipstick does! but It can also create a nice base for a lipstick to. £4.99

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