Wednesday, 15 March 2017

On a makeup budget ??

So this month iv been on a makeup budget as I could spend all my wages on makeup! I need to save money for my holiday In June so I need to keep some money aside I cant bring my self to not buy any thorough for a whole month!!
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So Iv been staying clear off all the high end brands and going into Superdrug and boots more often I have to say I do prefer Superdrug because off freedom and makeup revolution because they do dupes of high end products. I have recently brought some  of the chocolate bar palettes from makeup revolution and my best buy is the freedom nude lip palette a massive lip palette for £10! Its amazing and is going to  be great when I do clients makeup.

Also loving the mua highlighters that are only 3 pound and I feel like I need to have them all to complete my collection any one else have to do that ??

Another great brand is essence what you can get in wilkinsons over here in the U.K. They do amazing pigmented eyeshadows for a £1! They also do gel nail varnish what is such good quality and they have just brought out highlighters!

I love eBay brushes ! I think there amazing! If you buy from the right seller you can get some amazing deals they are defiantly worth it and you can get a whole set for under £10. You can also get some amazing dupes off high end brushes on there.

I have also been loving the nyx liquid lipsticks omg I never had tried them till last week and I am so impressed but yet again now feel like I need them all! If anyone has any tips for being on a makeup budget let me know!

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