Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Savers £1 baked eyeshadows!


These are the savers 1 pound baked eye shadows !
For those off you that are not familiar with savers they are a discounted heath and beauty store and are dotted about over the UK. They have most hair, body and beauty brands and its all much cheaper than boots and Superdrug and they do great deals.
They have there own makeup products and I have never felt that they would be any good as its so cheap but I had a look and I saw the baked eye shadows they had about 6 different ones I ended up picking up shades 5 and 7 that are natural colours .
When you first swatch there the pigmentation that comes off is amazing but it does not transfer that well needs a few layers to build it up , when using brushes to apply it does not go on so well on the brush and eyes, its better to apply with fingers and build up the colour ones its built up it does look amazing so pretty , I also use them as highlighters what I do use a brush for as I don't want it so intense for a pound they are pretty good !

-This is shade 5 its the lighter one out of the two I
have its lovely champagne colour I feel this one has a bit more pigmentation compared to the other one but I love this one as a highlighter on my check bones , in the swatch it has 2 layers on its not very intense but its enough for a highlight .

-This is shade 7 its a gold toned eye shadow and I use this all over my lids it lasts quite well just takes a while to apply but is defiantly worth it , looks lovely with brown eyes and tanned skin and can be used as a highlighter nice golden summer look.

Shade 5                                        Shade 7


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  2. Amazing eye-shadows! Lovely post.

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  3. The colours are so pretty, I have never tried these but I need to!

  4. Love the shades of these colors, so stunning!

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