Wednesday, 12 April 2017

ABH glow kit dupe! w7 strobe time palette

OMG I am so in love with this product and what an amazing dupe for the abh glow kit as you can see in the picture. This is the w7 strobe time palette. W7 is not the most well know makeup brand and I hardly ever see it about but we have got a b&m bargains here in the uk and it stocks w7 makeup. for past 6 months they haven't brought anything new in just had foundations and the eye shadow palettes but when  I went in last week they have got so much more products!
W7 are much like makeup revolution they do lots of dupes of products they have all there eye shadow palettes that are dupes for urban decay naked palettes they have got mega matte lip creams like nyx what are amazing!!! Then I saw this highlighting palette and i thought this looks like my glow kit that is £40 pound and this was priced for £3.99!! It did say its orginal price was £7.95 that's the price of the website but in b&m bargins it always has money off.
I do love my abh palette but as you can see the w7 one is a lot smaller so is easier to travel with I do love it but £40 is a lot for a palette and I know some people can not afford it but honesly you do not need it this is the most amazing highlighting pallete by the drugstore I have come acrost I have swatched them below so you can see for your self how pigmented they are they are such a creamy formular not chalky like some drug store highlighters they blend so well on the skin and last all day! I cant tell you how much I love this product I would even buy it if it was £40!

With flash on.
Natural lighting.
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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Thinking of getting sun beds???

This time last year I had never gone near a sun bed because of the pure fact of what they can do to your skin. I love being tanned I always have fake tan on but last September I went on holiday to spain my first time going abroad so obviously I was going to be going to the pool and beach in my bikini. I knew I wanted to look tanned but the thing with fake tan after about 5 days it can start to go patchy dis coloured and flaky I was going away for 8 days so I didn't want my tan on my last few days to look gross! So I decided I would get sunbeds because I wouldn't feel confident being pale (not that I think being pale is horrible I love the look of pure clean pale skin on people but not on myself I have dark hair and dark eyes so it washes me out to much).

Image result for stand up tanning boothsSo last July I went for my first sunbed! The first time I went there I brought a tanning mist to protect my skin ( radical tanning spray)but to also moisturise it because it doesn't work as well if you have dried skin. I decided to go on the stand up tanning machines as I felt more comfortable doing that at the time I didn't like the idea at the start of having to lay down and pull a machine over me. So there I was standing and the lights all came on when I did standing ones I did it for at first 5 minutes I lifted my arms up after a few minutes so it could tan under my arms and the other sides. I did them for about 3 weeks only 5 minutes a week. one because its expensive and two because I didn't really like doing them because I didn't want to damage my skin. I did get a tan line after them first few weeks but I was still putting fake tan on over the top.(Btw putting fake tan on does not make it harder to get a tan because it has not uv protection in it).
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After them few weeks I thought I would been more tanned so I asked the lady and she said she prefers the lay down ones so I tried them and they defiantly made me tanner quicker I always use them now and when I started doing lay down I did them for 8 minutes a week. I defiantly did get a tan but I wasn't dark dark it was more like a bronze colour It tanned my belly really well but the bottoms of my legs were still white as a sheet!! I was so annoyed I paid out over 100 pound and I wasn't to happy as I hate my legs and wanted them to be dark.
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I only did them up to my holiday so just under 3 months I don't know if I had stayed on longer my legs would had tanned more but I was really shocked at how bad they was tbh all I can say was it gave me a bronzed look and tanned my belly well. I suppose I did make me a tad more confident but I still would had been slapping on the tan if I wasn't going away.

Im going on holiday again this year and June and I am going to get them again but I am going to try different tanning products and see what happens! I would never get them if I wasn't going away I always stick to fake tan as its better for the skin.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

ABH contour powders review ...

So first off all I need to say I got these powders for £4.20 each!! I went on to the beauty bay website and on to there outlet and they had 28 shades for a fraction of the original price I guess they are not going to be sealing them on there website I couldn't believe it I'm not sure if they have any shades left now but still they always have some great prices and deals on beauty bay defiantly something to check out.

Image result for anastasia beverly hills contour kit powder
I got 5 shades 3 highlighters - 10k, standstone and latte.
Contour shades - Cream soda and golden peach

Image result for anastasia beverly hills contour kit powderI have never swatched any of the contour shades from abh and when I did OMG I now know the hype for the contour kit and will defiantly be purchasing it or putting in on my birthday list! They are so creamy and pigmented  I'm so in love and have been using them every day since I love latte for brightening under my eyes and actually use standstone as a transition shade on my eyes. I also love Golden peach for blending out my bronzer when its gone a bit ott or orange its a life saver shade.

Defiantly worth it and I would pay full price for these now! If you have the contour kit already you can replace the shades in there but I just got a z palette and put them in there go check them out!
(From l to r) Golden peach, Cream soda, Latte, standstone and 10k.

P.s - let me know if there is any reviews or blog posts you would like to see from me.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

DIY at home eye lash extenshions

I love massive long lashes! I wear false lashes every day but in june im going to floridia for 2 weeks and going to the theme parks and from past exsperinces false strip lashes do not last on rides ! I didn't want to not be able to wear lashes for most of the holiday as my natural lashes do not give me much voloume so  I wanted to get lash extenshions when looking around for somewhere to get them done it was around 45 pound what I think is quite a lot of money concendering it only lasts for around 3 weeks.

So I looked up how to do it my self and found some products on ebay (listed below) and gave it a go my self for a test run before holiday.

Ardell individual lashes -

Ardell lashtite -

So I make sure I have no eyemakeup on what to ever them get my lash on my tweezer and just simpley dip the very end of the eyelash cluster into the eye glue then lay them flat along the lash line.

I put medium sized lashes all along my lash line to create a even look and to make them look full before putting longer ones on to make it look more extrme you could leave it here if you just want them to look super natural but I prefer to have them more longer.

This is my end result as you can see it look a lot thinker now I have put more longer lashes on you can see in the picture I have a slight gap but the laseshes slightly rearrage them self everytime you brush therew them its easy enoguht to fill in the gap

I hope this has been a help and has helped you save a whole load of money ! You can buy eye lash remover from most beauty stores to take them off or just leave them to naturally fall of mine normaly last around 2 weeks making sure I care for them right not getting them wet ! Good luck :).

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

On a makeup budget ??

So this month iv been on a makeup budget as I could spend all my wages on makeup! I need to save money for my holiday In June so I need to keep some money aside I cant bring my self to not buy any thorough for a whole month!!
Image result for qutes make up

So Iv been staying clear off all the high end brands and going into Superdrug and boots more often I have to say I do prefer Superdrug because off freedom and makeup revolution because they do dupes of high end products. I have recently brought some  of the chocolate bar palettes from makeup revolution and my best buy is the freedom nude lip palette a massive lip palette for £10! Its amazing and is going to  be great when I do clients makeup.

Also loving the mua highlighters that are only 3 pound and I feel like I need to have them all to complete my collection any one else have to do that ??

Another great brand is essence what you can get in wilkinsons over here in the U.K. They do amazing pigmented eyeshadows for a £1! They also do gel nail varnish what is such good quality and they have just brought out highlighters!

I love eBay brushes ! I think there amazing! If you buy from the right seller you can get some amazing deals they are defiantly worth it and you can get a whole set for under £10. You can also get some amazing dupes off high end brushes on there.

I have also been loving the nyx liquid lipsticks omg I never had tried them till last week and I am so impressed but yet again now feel like I need them all! If anyone has any tips for being on a makeup budget let me know!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

New at the drugstore...

Image result for l'oreal infallible total cover foundation
-L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation
I love full coverage foundation and it was about time a drug store company brought out a new one I have already tried this foundation and love it. It has such a smooth feel to it its nothing of what you would expect and its only £9.99.

Image result for l'oreal infallible total cover concel

-L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Concealer Palette
To match the foundation a concealer kit! its a bit to heavy for under the eyes but is such a good colour corrector and amazing at hiding any redness you may have and spots!

Image result for l'oreal paint blush palette

 -L'Oreal Infallible Paint Blush Palette
 L'Oreal are smashing it with  all the new product's and how pretty is this blusher palette there is also another more pink toned one I haven't yet tried this but I am defiantly going to be picking this up soon amazing palette for traveling with!

Image result for mua 8  shade palette new

-MUA 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palettes
I love mua as a brand they have some amazing inexpensive products and they have just brought out a whole new load of palettes this is just one of the ones they have got out now I went into Superdrug yesterday and swatched these and they are super super pigmented they are like high end eye shadows!

Image result for mua highlighter new rosewood

-MUA Undress Your Skin Highlight Powder
Rosewood Glimmer
Another amazing product from mua is there highlighters and they have just brought out a new lot!! I NEED them all these are amazing highlighters and only 3 pound!!!

Image result for mua blush perfection new

-MUA Blush Perfection
 Also a new range of blush product's these are very similar to the Maybelline contour sticks but blush form I have not tried these yet but they look so cool and will defiantly be gibing them a go.

Image result for mua custom fondation
-MUA Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixer
 So very similar to the body shop mixer drops but at a much more affordable price! They are so handy as your foundation shade changes all the time threw the difference seasons so much cheaper than having to get a new foundation every time to re match.

Image result for maybelline lip contour palette

-Maybelline Lip Contour Palette
I feel like lip palettes are starting to be the new thing L'Oreal and freedom also have some great ones the Maybelline one comes in to shades and you get a primer and a lip highlighter with it ! They have stepped it up! I love the shades they are so creamy and pigmented.

Image result for makeup revolution banana powder

-Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder
I am super excited about this product as we can all tell its a dupe for the ben nye one that I love but cheaper and easier to get hold off how great is that!

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Working out ...

My new years resolution was to start getting fit and working out ready for my holiday In June, I thought I would share with you what I have been doing/working on to get that toned body...
Image result for motivational quotes gym
So I am currently a size 8 I know that is not big but I wanted to be more toned I don't want to lose any weight hopefully gain some threw muscle weight, last year I hardly worked out and was eating quite a lot of takeaways as I started working 5 days a week and just became lazy on my days off.
My boyfriend goes to the gym around 4 days a week and eats chicken and vegetables all the time so he gives me motivation. I work out 5 days a week and concentrate on my belly, thighs and bum.
I do all my work out at home and just brought a gym matt and a few weighs and watch loads of different YouTube work out videos.
Every time I brush my teeth I do squats whist doing it and always take the stairs instead of the lifts so many little things. 
Food wise I have cut back so much on takeaways I was having around 2 McDonalds a week last year and now about 1 a month. I try not to eat anything after 8 at night and cut down on all the snacks and fizzy drinks! 
I feel so much better in my self now and setting goals and reaching them is amazing feeling. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

24k nudes maybeline palette

Image result for 24k nudes maybeline palette
Maybelline have done it again and brought out a new amazing palette, look at the swatches to see for your self how pigmented they are!
 I have done reviews on the nudes and the rock nudes palette because off how impressed I am with them, just like the other palettes these ones are £9.99. It has the same quality of pigment and smoothness and the others to. The only thing I would love if they had a nice orange toned transition colour because if I travel with this palette I always take my mac texture and rule with me so it makes everything blend nicely together.
Check out my other reviews on the other 2 palettes they also have blushed nudes palette but I felt I wouldn't use many off the shades in that one but I might have to get it to complete my Maybelline palette collection.
(Just wanted to add I had a break from blogging for a month or so as was super busy and hadn't had time to really try any new products and go out and buy more but I have loads more amazing products to review, remember to subscribe its free)

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017


So Maybelline have brought out a new eye shadow palette again I love there first 2 palettes ( ) so I had to give this one a go to!
Once again they have made an amazing palettes great colours, pigments, great packaging. This palate has more smokey toned colours the other 2 they brought out were deifanly shades to create a more natural golden/bronzed look.
This palette is £9.99 (boots price). So that's 12 shades for 10 pound! I did have high hopes for this palette are the other 2 are such good quality and once again this one is also amazing the shades are soooooo pigmented for a drugstore palette It is unreal and also so creamy and smooth and blend out beautifully. I love the lilac shade the most in this palette the 3rd shade along at top it is super pretty I have never used a lilac shadow on my self before but now I have been wearing it all week! I also love the other purple shades in the palette and the blue is such a unique shade.
The one thing this palette does not have is any transition shades so if you are traveling you couldn't just take this one palette you would need to take a few more if I am staying over someone where for few days I would take the palette and take macs rule, texture and swish chocolate to help everything blend out perfectly.
All in all this is another amazing quality palette from Maybelline so worth the money!
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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

St morirz fake tan moouse review...

Image result for st moritz fake tan

My favourite fake tan ever with out even breaking the bank!
Some fake tans can be so expensive and  not always the ones that cost more are the better ones, I recently tried a vita liberate fake tan and it hardly gave me any colour I had to re apply it 3 times to get a decent tan!!

With the st moriz tan though I only need 1 coat to get a nice summer tan I will normally apply it twice anyways just because I like to be super tanned. It gives such a good colour not orange just a nice brown literally like iv been to Spain for 2 weeks its a holy grail product off mine the more different tans I use I realise how good this one actually is!

The only one problem I have with this product is when trying to scrub it off its so hard to get of my arms everywhere else normally I can scrub off in a day but  for some reason on my arms it can take me up to 5 days to get clean skin again. So I try to avoid applying it on my arms only when I know I am going out and want my arms on show or I will apply bondi sands moose on my arms because that comes of better but I have to apply loads to get it to a good deep shade.

I still cant believe how cheap this product is I buy mine from savers beauty store for £2.99 boots also sell it but for around £5 witch is still cheap!

Its a must try fake tan if you haven't yet defiantly worth it and you cant go wrong for the price, let me know if you have any cheap tans that you love.

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